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Spring 2020

Having just turned 60, I am now nearing 4 years of fulltime Counselling in my own Business and I am happy and pleased to say, God has and is blessing me richly as He leads me in my work with many clients! Life continues to be challenging for many, with Covid restrictions over the past 120 days taking their toll on many peoples confidence. Increasing mental health distress and relationship distress is leading many to seek help and counselling is seen as a great place to work on these matters - one on one with an experienced therapist.

I continue to identify clients trauma backgrounds as a leading cause (however not the only cause) for their distress and continue to lead clients away from this awful and often badly misunderstood area of their life and back to wellness.

Part of being a member of Christian Counsellors Association of Australia is the great PD resources made available through the highly experienced presenters that deliver quality materials every month and I am thankful for their great work, which is often applicable directly to my practice and clientele. You can check these resources out for yourself and access replays at low cost to you


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