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My Journey so far

If you would have asked me before 2013, could I see myself becoming a fully trained Counsellor, I would have laughed and said not likely mate! I will see out my years in the printing industry!!

So, looking back now, I see where God's hand changed things dramatically to enable this industry exit and Counselling re-entry to occur.

Now I find myself well equipped and ready to earn a living by performing Counselling services with many people.

During my 3 years of studies at Chisholm TAFE and AIFC, I determined that volunteer Counselling was a good way to practice the lessons I was learning as I think I learn best by practical example rather than tedious theory, of which there is plenty in the psychological realm.

I am grateful to the many people who met with me and allowed what I consider to be a more rapid development of my Counselling skills as a result, so thankyou to you all, you know who you are.

I find myself now dealing with numerous life situations and I am absolutely enjoying my new working career as a Counsellor. For me, there is no more working with something that is there to pay the bills only, and I find it difficult to be passionate about. With Counselling, I see real change occurring in people who been somewhat lost and confused, sometimes for many years. It is a real joy!!!

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